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Double Wall Solar Boıler

These water heaters, that are produced according to European Standard(Pr EN 12897), are plated with two coats of enamel and they are used espeacially in villas, hotels, restaurants, factories and every buildings that need hot water by taking advantage of solar energy. Any pump isn't used to run the system that work with natural circulation. These water heaters supply your hot water demand with all sources of solar collector, (exxopper or aluminium)

Technical Features

* Capacity between 85 - 300 lt.
* Hygienic because areas, that come into contact with water, are double enamel coated at all capacities.
* 50 mm. Polyurethane insulated at all capacities..
* Electrostatics powder painted cover on galvanized plate at all capacities.
* Cathodic anode protection at the capacity between 100 - 3000 lt.
* High efficiency
* Electrical resistance as optional
* Esthetic appearance
* 8 bar operating pressure 

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