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Air Separator And Strainer


Installation of the water of dissolved gas into the air and water temperature increases with the water through the system starts to wander. This air in the installation of pipes, fittings, boilers, boiler materials, such as the causes corrosion. Sound, movement disorders and pumps kavitasyonla causes. Because of the weather to make radiators ısınamama brings problems. These problems can be prevented by using limpia BOILERS air separators.

Contained in plumbing cleared of debris and sediment filters, filter blockages or even directly to water, because on the way to completely prevent the passage of water is a problem frequently seen. In addition, dirt and sediment tesisattaki ısınamama causes disturbances in the circulation causes. These problems through WATER HEATER limpia strainers would be blocked.

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  Flat Collectors
Package System
Single Serpentine Water Heater
Double Serpentine Water Heater
Hot Water Storage Tanks
Electrical Hot Water Heater
Double Wall Solar Boıler
Air Separator And Strainer
Hybrid Collectors
Vacuum Tubes 
Mounting Systems